building the gateway from the real world -> social money

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Social_Money is building software bridging between the digital/crypto world and the real world. Sharing a long history in the crypto space and financial arbitrage, Social_Money has great insight into what makes crypto tick.

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Questions & Answers

When did you join BitClout, and why?

I joined 3-4 days ago because simply put I live for the creator economy. Adopting new social protocols early on can provide once in a decade opportunities.

How long have you been in this “area”?

I bought my first bitcoin in 2014, but I used it for transactional purposes and it wasn’t until 2016 did I become more active when I founded the financial algorithm programming club @ my university. In 2017 I realized there was a 35% spread in usd/krw priced bitcoin so I took out the rest of my student loans and starting flying between Korea and US with bags full of money doing what I coined as “airbnbatrage”. I had found out Korean citizens were allowed $50k of annual remittance, so I would stay with an airbnb super host, send them bitcoin, and we’d go to the bank together and withdraw it in KRW. I would fly back with suitcases full of yuan that I would convert back into USD, then back into BTC and repeat the process. After several trips I scaled it to 5 more countries, legitimized the process by using stat arb, and eventually sold the company to a prominent Chicago based cryptocurrency prop shop.

2017 I was brought in by lobbyists to help Congress draft bills regarding the adoption and regulation of blockchain. I worked particularly close with the House Financial Services Committee and the ranking chairman. On top of that I drafted one of the first NAL’s for the SEC based around something I was building at the time called CloutToken. The concept was that you could buy a creator’s token to get access to exclusive content and benefits.

In 2020 I launched and scaled it to 150k+ users, while helping 50k musicians earn $1m+ during covid from digital subscriptions and products.

In 2021 I built a low-code mvp for @getkuudos and onboarded a 1m follower influencer. The focus is to build and dominate what I call mid funnel fabric, turning existing communities into multi-platform ecosystems. Within 2 weeks we won a competition with Mr.Beast for $25,000, amassed 10k users on our waitlist, piqued VC interest, and have onboarded our first customers paying $130 a month for the software.

Do you have a following outside of BitClout?

It’s not huge but I do. I prefer to keep this pseudo-anonymous for now until Bitclout has gotten closer to product market fit.

Personally I have millions of streams as a singer/songwriter on spotify. Yesterday I posted my first Tik Tok and got hundreds of thousands of views before Tik Tok suspended me for promoting a “scam”.

On top of that I was recently funded by soundcloud to build a GenZ musician focused influencer house. The 6 creators I manage get 30m monthly impressions.

How will you be working on expanding your reach here?

So far I’ve been able to grow without using real life networks by being an active thought leader. Eventually I will bring in my existing communities (like my discord with a couple thousand members).

What plans do you have for your content and profile?

Right now one big thing I’m considering is turning the @social_money page into the hub for my businesses. This means instead of charging subscriptions, holders of my coin will get access to software that I am building on top of the Bitclout L1.

How will you be providing value to your holders in the long term?

Access to software. Potentially doing a smart contract ISA with my existing revenue streams. Active contributor to the protocol and thought leader.

Are you willing to hold your coin a long time or do you have plans to sell in some structured way to benefit from the influx of capital?

If you can tell from the % of my own coin I own, I’ve been buying more of my own coin everyday because I’m here for the long game. As I’m building my company on top of bitclout, I will need liquidity to onboard a VP of engineering (considering @rohitgupta). My product designer is @saeri and she is my amazing girlfriend of 3 years.